What is Sociogram

The importance of teamwork, collaboration, and good relationships can never be ignored both in the workplace and in a classroom. Whether you’re trying to create an optimal learning environment in the classroom or a sense of unity and respect at a workplace, you need to know the social dynamics of these groups. Being the leader, you might know a person liked by everyone and the one not liked by anyone. But, there’s not enough information to deep dive into it. Fortunately, sociograms are helpful as they help you get data on relationships between people at a particular place. With the advancement in technology, you will be able to have a sociogram online tool for drawing a sociogram.  


A sociogram is a graph database used to map the social connections of a group by representing the relationships among individuals of that group. It is possible to draw a sociogram with a digital sociogram creator nowadays. This helps enhance the interpretation of social behaviors and uncover the underlying relationships between people. The goal of the sociogram is to find out how the following factors affect cohesiveness among individuals of a group 

  • Status 
  • Alliances 
  • Hidden Agendas 
  • Patterns of Communication 
  • Exclusion