For creating a sociogram in a classroom, you have to ask each person to list three other people they would like to work with on an activity.   

  • For instance, proceed with this question ‘’ If you were having a birthday party, which three classmates would you like to send an invitation?’’ 
  • Secondly, ask students to write their answers to the question being asked, and don’t forget to mention the limitations that might include the number of choices allowed and that the choice is to be made for people within the classroom.   
  • Tally the number of times each student has been chosen 
  • Start crafting a diagram consisting of many circles 
  • Every circle must contain the name of a student  
  • The student who chose another should be indicated with an arrow drawn 
  • Use the diagram to find out the most popular and unpopular students in the class 

By drawing this manually you’ll have a hard time to overlook which circles should be close to each other to make the sociogram when you start. Often, you’ll need to erase and redraw the sociogram to make it as clean as possible and not with arrows crossing everywhere. 

How can a digital sociogram creator help to ease this process? 

We all are used to our digital devices nowadays. So, having a digital sociogram creator is a blessing. It makes the process much easier and painless.  

With a online sociogram creator like BeyondLuna ( you’ll be able to accomplish all this in a few moments. First of all, you’ll need to create the group and its members. You also need to create a measurement and the questions you want to ask to the group. This is easily done in four simple steps in a great Wizard to help you get going as quickly as possible.  All this basic data you add will be stored in the system, so you’ll only need to do it once and then you can reuse it for future measurements.  

When you have set up all basic data you can start collect answers for the question asked. This can be done by: 

  • You manually entering the answers to the questions  
  • Letting the individuals use your log in and enter their answers them self on a computer or tablet 
  • In extended versions you can also email a link to the users, having them enter their answers on their own device  

When you have started collecting answers you can see the sociogram graph starting to evolve which helps you learn how relationships are established within the group.  

The best of all is that you’ll never need to redraw the sociogram manually. There are functions for redrawing and it’s possible to drag the individuals to get the sociogram look exactly as you want it. 

It is also possible to highlight specific individuals or groups to look further into specific cases. 

If you want to store the sociogram in a non-digital folder you can always print the sociogram. But another great feature is that with this digital tool you’ll have all your sociograms stored at the same place and can easily go back and compare your group answers to the same questions in different measurements. Making sure the actions you take are improving the social conditions for the individuals of your group.  

Moreover, a great part of BeyondLuna tool it is that the basic version is totally free of charge. So, now you don’t have to pay for an amazing and convenient digital sociogram creation.  

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