Egocentric sociograms 

Egocentric Sociograms are an indication of the cases connected to one special case. The two vertices in such a diagram indicate cases and the edges show relationships. Similarly, the ego is indicated with a star. 

 Network Sociogram 

The network sociogram visualizes a group of individuals to get a response on how they are connected. Creating a sociogram has been made a breeze with a digital sociogram creator. 

Interpretation of the data collected 

The analysis of the sociogram crafted helps the teacher or leader to develop a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between the group members. The patterns used for interpretation of the data collected from the process are explained below. 


The ‘isolates’ indicate individuals not selected by anyone or selected by another isolate. This is an alert for the leaders and teachers that some people are not liked by anyone. This calls for steps to be taken to ensure that they feel connected and valued in the group. Also, social acceptance should be increased in such a case. 


The double arrows your sociogram contains indicate cliques. These are the mutual pairs and a representation of individuals or a group of two or three people within a group that chooses each other. With people choosing each other, the group looks like quite a tight group. It is important to make sure the people choosing each other aren’t excluding other individuals.  


When a lot of people nominate one person, that one person is a star. Stars are the people selected many times on your sociogram and are generally the most popular and liked people in a group. This helps you know who the favorite person in a group is.