The questions crafted for the creation of a sociogram should be clear and perfect to get the expected reaction on queries about affection or aversion. For classrooms and workplaces, commonly formulated questions are  

For Classes: 

  • Who would you like to sit next to? 
  • Who would you like to share a room with on the school trip? 
  • Who are your best friends? 
  • Who would you like to play more with? 

For Groupmates at a workplace: 

  • Who would you like to have casual talks with? 
  • Who would you tell your secrets to? 
  • Who would you want to join you at the party? 
  • Who would you like to work with on the next project? 
  • Who would you like to spend your vacation with? 

You will be determining who to involve in the process. Will it be the members of an established team or some members from another group that is participating? Well, the answer depends on the purpose you’re conducting this process for. If you’re conducting the process within a school or class, you should limit it to the existing group.  

How would this help? 

The sociograms you craft in the class to judge the strength of relationships between individuals of a group will help you 

  • Allow the students to spend time with their favorite classmates 
  • Placing a student in a situation where he could lead others 
  • Providing social skill training 
  • Creating ways to enhance social acceptance and detect exclusion of individuals